Dizzy O’Brian: Why ‘Trendy Pop Music?’2 min read

Why ‘Trendy Pop Music,’ you ask. One may even say this was a little bit of a redundant identify for a music style, however no; you possibly can’t take descriptive phrases resembling trendy and pop at face worth, when you find yourself discussing music genres.

Take the time period ‘pop,’ for instance. At face worth you may take into account that this meant ‘common’ or ‘present.’

Really it doesn’t essentially should imply both of those. For those who survey fairly a variety of songs on this style, you discover that we’re speaking a couple of very particular kind and elegance of music.

Identical goes for the time period ‘trendy.’ I’ve beforehand written articles about music that known as ‘trendy’ which is fifty to 100 years previous. This once more, is a really particular style of music.

Now add to this confusion the truth that music genres apparently multiply quicker than rabbits today and it turns into a bit troublesome to maintain up.

It’s just like the Monty Python film, The Lifetime of Brian; in desperation Brian tells his followers to assume for themselves, hoping they’ll begin doing that after which depart him alone. 

What occurs, nevertheless, is all of them begin chanting ‘assume for your self!’

No sooner was the Minimalism Manifesto printed saying that music actually wasn’t evolving into an ideal kind, no matter what the previous Moderns had been saying, than a ‘faculty of Minimalism’ was born.

There are a couple of half dozen totally different ‘pop’ genres, like ‘ice pop’ and ‘Ska pop,’ and so on.

So I say, when you have one thing that doesn’t actually match into any present class, why not simply make up your personal style however why not use present phrases which are acquainted to folks so you possibly can plug into a bigger number of kinds? 

So that is ‘trendy pop music,’ music that has pop parts however has been modernized by the miracle of a wider scope of music.

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Dizzy O’Brian 9/15/23

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